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From oversea to Toyama

Toyama Airport is one of major airport of Northwest Pacific Region and an aviation network of East Asia. A direct flight goes into service between 4 cities of Seoul, Dalian, Shanghai, Taipei.

To Toyama from domestic area

Toyama is located in the center of Japan. It is equally easy to access from major cities Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya. The Hokuriku Shinkansen opens on March 14th, 2015 shortening the travel time between Tokyo and Toyama to 2 hrs 8 min.

Traveling inside of Toyama

Railways are a major means of transportation in Toyama; the prefectures has three main lines with Ainokaze Toyama Railway, JR Line and Toyama Chiho Railway.
Ainokaze Toyama Railway runs through the prefecture from east to west, while JR Himi and JR Johana connects Takaoka Station to both areas and the JR Takayama Line connects Toyama Station to Takayama in Gifu Prefecture. Connecting Toyama City to the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route, Unazuki Onsen and the Kurobe Gorge Railway, Toyama Chiho Railway is the best way to access Toyama's wonderful mountains.
Besides these main railways, there is a great variety of transportation options in Toyama including the urban area streetcars Centram, Light Rail Portram, and the Manyo Line. As well, the World Heritage Bus Line takes passengers directly to the World Heritage site Gokayama. All of these convenient modes of transportation are sure to help you enjoy your trip in Toyama.

Hokuriku Shinkansen has three stations in Toyama Prefecture and each station is connected to one or three of local lines.
From Toyama Station you can take Ainokaze Toyama Railway, JR Takayama Main Line and Toyama Chihou(Regional) Railway.
From Kurobe-Unazukionsen Station you can take Toyama Chihou(Regional) Railway.
From Shin-Takaoka Station you can take JR Johana Line.

Access from Toyama Airport to Toyama city

Bus Route from Toyama Airport

Taxi Route from Toyama Airport

Ainokaze Toyama Railway and JR Line Map

Toyama Chitetsu Railway Map

Map of City Tram

Map of Light Rail

Map of Manyou Line

World Heritage Bus (Gokayama & Shirakawa-go --- Takaoka )

Buri Kani Bus (Himi & Shinminato --- Toyama)

Waku-Liner (Himi & Wakura Onsen --- Takaoka)

Many special cars to make your trip to be enjoyable!

  • Double Decker Express

  • Alps Express

  • Ninjya Hattori-kun Train

  • Doraemon Train

  • Centram

  • Portram

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