Asahi Funakawa “Spring Quartet”

Cherry blossoms backed by the Japanese Alps: a beautiful scenery.

  • A Spring Quartet

The blossoming cherry trees lined up on the riverside with the Kita-Alps mountain range in the background make this location a breathtaking sight. Every year, during the cherry trees’ blossoming period, 250 Somei Yoshino cherry trees line either side of the clear Funakawa River for 800 meters, and create a beautiful cherry blossom tunnel. The trees are also illuminated when in full bloom, for a truly magical scene.
In 1957, during the Funakawa River improvement project, the local population planted 280 Somei Yoshino cherry trees over 600m along the embankment, and have carefully managed them ever since. During the golden age, there were over thirty tulip farms, but only one is now left. “Because we want to meet many people,” an early blooming tulip cultivar and rapeseed flowers necessary for the production of rapeseed oil were planted near the cherry trees. The rows of cherry trees combined with the tulips, rapeseed flowers, and Mount Asahi with its remaining snow in the background creates a miraculously beautiful spring quartet. Some years, the rapeseed flowers are late, but with the sound of skylarks echoing in the background of this spring in full bloom, this beautiful spectacle is a prime example of paradise on this earth.
The Asahi Sakura Festival is organized during the full bloom, making this a perfect spot for flower viewing.

  • An extravagant sight with cherry blossoms, mountains, and tulips.

Asahi Funakawa “Spring Quartet”

Event date 2017/04/06~2017/04/16
Address Funakawa-shin, Asahi Town, Shimoniikawa District, Toyama Prefecture 〒939-0701
TEL 0765-83-1100 (Asahi Town Industry and Tourism Division)
Trading hours Full bloom season: Every year around mid-April
Access ・10 minutes by car from Tomari Station on the Ainokaze Toyama Railway.
・3 minutes by car from the Asahi IC on the Hokuriku Expressway
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