Road Station “Taira”, Gokayama Washi-no-Sato

Taira road station packed with experiences and attractions

  • A fine array of stylish Gokayama washi products

If you come to Gokayama, you really must experience making washi (Japanese paper). Even if you are by yourself, you can make your own postcard, fan or bookmark without having to book ahead. The Taira road station sells washi stationery, small gifts and local specialities, such as Gokayama tofu. It also serves seasonal food and has a coffee shop. Other facilities include a Traditional Papercraft Museum and the Taira Village Museum, allowing you to interact with the traditional industry and history of Gokayama and giving you loads of things for you to do and see.

  • Also fun to look at the folk craft souvenirs.

  • There’s even a building for washi research!

  • Enjoy your papermaking!

Road Station “Taira”, Gokayama Washi-no-Sato

Address 215 Higashinakae, Nanto, Toyama, 939-1905
TEL 0763-66-2403 (Road Station “Taira”, Gokayama Washi-no-Sato)
Trading hours 8:30-17:00
Non-trading hours December 29th – January 3rd
Price Adults 200 yen (Group 150 yen), junior high school and primary school students 150 (Group 100 yen), group discounts for groups of 20 or more.
* Ticket gives admission to all buildings in Gokayama Washi-no-Sato).
Access 15 minutes by car from the Gokayama Interchange on the Tokai-Hokuriku Expressway (via National Road No. 156)
Parking 100 cars
Cost of parking:Free
Official URL
Remarks Application: By telephone or fax
Time required: 40-50 minutes for the tour, 20 minutes – 1 hour for the papermaking, depending on what is being made
Maximum number of people: 200
Tour price: Adults 200 yen, Children 150 yen
Papermaking price: 500-1,200 yen
Inquiries: TEL 0763-66-2223 FAX 0763-66-2250
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