National Treasure Zuiryu-ji Temple, Takaokayama

Time slip back to the Edo Period in the National Treasure Zuiryu-ji Temple!

  • The National Treasure Zuiryu-ji, famous for its majestic arrangement of temple buildings

You will be overwhelmed by the elegant beauty of this magnificent temple complex. It is a collection of typical early Edo Period (1603-1868) buildings that illustrate the wealth of the Kaga clan. It is a famous Soto temple that was the family temple of the founder of Takaoka, Toshinaga Maeda Built by the 3rd lord Toshitsune Maeda, it was designated as a national treasure in 1997. The designated structures are the Somon gate, the Sanmon gate, the Buddha Hall, the Lecture Hall, the Myoo-do Hall (currently a meditation hall) and the Cloister. These are highly regarded as examples of early Edo Period Zen temple architecture. Enjoy the splendor of the National Treasure Zuiryu-ji temple.

  • Magical illumination

  • Enjoy the structural beauty of the Sanmon gate

  • Zuiryu-ji reflected in the green grass

National Treasure Zuiryu-ji Temple, Takaokayama

Address 35 Sekihon-machi, Takaoka, Toyama 933-0863
TEL 0766-22-0179 (Zuiryu-ji, Takaokayama)
Trading hours 9:00-16:30
Price Adults ¥500, junior and high school students ¥200, primary school students ¥100 (Groups of 30 more: adults ¥400, junior and high school students ¥150, primary school pupils ¥70)
Access 10 minutes walk from Takaoka Station (JR Hokuriku Main Line)
10 minutes by car from the Takaoka Interchange on the Noetsu Expressway
Parking 36 cars (10 buses)
Cost of parking: Free
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