Yamachosuji Dolls Festival

Dozo-zukuri houses transformed into dolls galleries

  • Yamachosuji Dolls Festival

This is a dolls festival that is held in the Yamachosuji area, a Preservation District for Groups of Traditional Buildings, where rows of dozo-zukuri (earthen-wall storehouse style) houses still remain. During the festival, traditional houses that are normally closed to the public, such as the Sugano House, the Dozo-zukuri Museum (used to be the Murosaki House) and the Ikadai House, are transformed into galleries displaying dolls. This is a chance to see the evolving styles of beautiful dolls and the interiors of old houses that you can’t normally visit.

  • Yusoku-bina (Empress doll)

  • Dolls in the Sugano House and Shinichi Murosaki House

  • Doll in the Ohta House

Yamachosuji Dolls Festival

Event date 2020/03/14~2020/03/15
Place The Yamachosuji area in Takaoka
Address Honmachi/Konmadashimachi/Kifunemachi/Moriyamamachi, Takaoka, Toyama
TEL 0766-20-0555 (Dozo-zukuri Yamachosuji Machizukuri)
Access About 10 minutes walk from Takaoka Station (JR, Ainokaze Toyama Railway)
Remarks ■About Takaoka city
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