Etchu-Yasuo Hikiyama Festival

Magnificently ornate Hikiyama floats paraded around the hillside town

  • The ornate Hikiyama proceeds through the hillside town

The Etchu-Yasuo Hikiyama Festival takes place on May 3rd. A symbol of merchant culture in the Edo Period, the Hikiyama festival has been handed down to the present day. Accompanied by hikiyama-barashi music featuring shamisens, flutes and taiko drums, 6 Hikiyama floats are pulled by muscular young men wearing happi coats. When night falls, they are decorated with more than 1,000 lanterns as they undulate luminescently round the hillside town as lantern floats. The scene is straight out of a fairytale, as the lavish procession continues deep into the night.
The lion dance offering 8:15 In front of Momyo-ji
Departure of the floats 9:30 Momyo-ji
Departure of the lantern-lit floats 19:30 Jusanseki Hashizume

  • A lion dance is also performed

  • The festival attracts many visitors

  • Fabulous craftsmanship in the carving and paintwork

Etchu-Yasuo Hikiyama Festival

Event date 2017/05/03
Time 8:00 – early morning
Place Centre of Yasuo
Address 2898-1 Yatsuomachi, Kamishinmachi, Toyama City, Toyama, 939-2342
TEL 076-454-5138 (Toyama Yatsuo Touris Association)
Price Free
Access Machinuguri bus from Etchu-Yasuo Station (JR Takayama Line) to Chomin Hiroba-mae
15 minutes from Etchu-Yasuo Station (JR Takayama Line)
25 minutes by car from the Toyama Interchange on the Hokuriku Expressway
20 minutes by car from the Toyama West Interchange on the Hokuriku Expressway
Parking Chomin Hiroba and Yatsuo General Administration Centre, Cost of parking: Free
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