Iwase Hikiyama Festival

Float fight packs a punch!

  • Paraded courageously through the town

Held as the spring festival of the Iwase Suwa shrine, the Iwase Hikiyama Festival sees 13 floats being courageously paraded through the village streets by men from the beach. There is also a competition for the best tatemon (decoration) at the top of the float, so it is always interesting to admire the ingenuity of each float in their references to local business or topical news. The festival reaches its climax at night when the floats jostle violently with each other in collisions called hikiai. Because of the violence of these collisions that are competitions of strength, this traditional festival is also known affectionately as the Fighting Float Festival.

  • An energetic dash!

  • Crash!

  • Who’s the winner?

Iwase Hikiyama Festival

Event date 2017/05/17~2017/05/18
Time Parade: Morning –
Departure from the Kotohira shrine: 20:00 (First day only)
Hikiai time: 22:00 –
Place Hikiai venue
First day: In front of the Iwase Suwa shrine
Second day: In front of the memorial (On the west side of Iwase Primary School)
Address 103 Shirayamamachi, Iwase, Toyama City, Toyama, 931-8361
TEL 076-437-9715 (Toyama Iwase Community Center, closed weekends)
Price Free
Access 25 minutes by Toyama Light Rail from Toyamaekikita to Keirinjomae, followed by a 5 minute walk
40 minutes by car from the Toyama Interchange on the Hokuriku Expressway
Parking 800 cars (Toyama Keirin Stadium car park)
Cost of parking: Free
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