Shogawa Tourist Festival

exciting days of a river festival!

  • Thrilling sight of the colourful and magnificent lantern float

Bringing festival fever to the Shogawa district, the action-packed Shogawa Tourist Festival throngs every year with numerous visitors from within and without the prefecture. From the courageous lantern-lit floats to the fireworks dancing in the night sky, the rainbow trout grabbing and the Yosakoi dance, each event is packed with spectators. You’ll feel as if you are experiencing several festivals over the space of the two days. Suitable for both couples and families, you can also dress up in a yukata and go and have fun with your friends there. Enjoy the festival fever in body and spirit!

  • Move to the rhythm of the Shogawa Ondo

  • The highlight of the festival is the parade of the lantern floats!

  • Floral fireworks lighting up the summer nightsky

Shogawa Tourist Festival

Event date 2017/06/03~2017/06/04
Time 1st: 14:00- . 2nd: 9:00-
Place The entire Shogawa district
Address Shogawa, Tonami, Toyama
TEL 0763-33-1111 (Shogawa Tourist Festival Executive Committee)
Access 10 minutes from the Tonami Interchange on the Hokuriku Expressway
Parking Available
Official URL
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