Sanno Festival (Hie Shrine Festival)

Food and fun at Toyama’s Sanno Festival!

  • Many stalls lined up outside the shrine

The Sanno Festival is the spring festival of the Hie Shrine that climaxes on June 1st and 2nd. One of the most popular festivals with people in Toyama City, it is also known as “Sanno-san”. The Sanno festival was the festival for the tutelary gods who protect the castle town of Toyama in the feudal period and flourished as the main festival of the whole castle town. Even now, numerous stalls are lined up near the shrine and various events are held in the pedestrianised area. Why don’t you all get together and go and have some fun?

  • The worship hall of the imposing and beautiful Hie Shrine

  • You can also enjoy a lion dance

  • The turnout peaks at night!

Sanno Festival (Hie Shrine Festival)

Event date 2017/05/31~2017/06/02
Place Hie Shrine
Address 4-12, Sannomachi, Toyama City, Toyama, 930-0064
TEL 076-421-6318 (Hie Shrine)
Price Free
Access 3 minutes walk from Nishimachi Station
(Please don’t come by car.)
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