Toide Tanabata Festival

Japan’s most beautiful Tanabata festival!

  • The beautiful glittering Tanabata Tunnel

This is a traditional festival in the Toide district of Takaoka City in which 1,500 tanabata streamers of various sizes line the streets to form a Tanabata Tunnel. The largest streamer is 18m long! At night the decorations are illuminated by lanterns to create a dreamlike atmosphere that has led some to call it the most beautiful Tanabata festival in Japan. As July 7th is a sekku (seasonal change) day for boys, households with boys make tanabata streamers in order to ask for the healthy growth of their children. This is a tradition that has been handed down over the ages in this area.

  • The gorgeous colours of a Tanabata night

  • Colourful Tanabata decorations

  • Numerous decorations create a spectacular atmosphere in Toide

Toide Tanabata Festival

Event date 2016/07/03~2016/07/07
Place The Toidemachi area, Main venue: In front of the Toide Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Address Toidemachi, Takaoka, Toyama, 939-1104
TEL 0766-63-0792 (Toide Tanabata Festival Executive Committee (Takaoka Chamber of Commerce and Industry))
Price Free
Access 15 minutes walk from the Takaoka Intersection on the Noetsu Expressway
5 minutes walk from Toide Station (JR Johana Line)
Parking Please use the pay car parks in the surrounding area
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