Fukumitsu Netsu Okuri Tanabata Festival

The sign that summer has arrived in Fukumitsu!

  • The beautiful multi-coloured lanterns and Tanabata decorations of Fukumitsu

The sign of summer in Fukumitsu, this festival has been held on the hottest day of the year in the Nanto region for the last 300 years, as people parade through the district brushing off the heads of corn with small flutes, while adults play taiko drums and children sing “Bye bye heat”. All sorts of events are held in the shopping district which is pedestrianised for the festival and decorated with Tanabata streamers. Big taiko drums are banged, folk street dances and sambas are performed and fireworks are launched, as the whole of Fukumitsu assumes a lively festival atmosphere.

  • Bustles with loads of people every year

  • Folk street dancers parade through the streets

  • A traditional festival to be cherished

Fukumitsu Netsu Okuri Tanabata Festival

Event date 2015/07/23~2015/07/26
Time 17:00-21:30
Place Centre of Fukumitsu
Address Fukumitsu, Nanto, Toyama
TEL 0763-52-2038 (Fukumitsu Netsu Okuri Festival Executive Committee (Fukumitsu Chamber of Commerce and Industry))
Access Straight outside Fukumitsu Station (JR Johana Line)
10 minutes by car from the Fukumitsu Interchange on the Tokai-Hokuriku Expressway
Parking Traffic restrictions in the centre of Fukumitsu
Official URL http://www.tabi-nanto.jp/event/post_113.html
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