Tatemon Festival

Uozu’s unique sea-themed festival

  • Spectators also get wildly excited by the magnificent spectacle of the Tatemons being energetically paraded around

This is a festival in which floats with rows of votes lanterns arranged in a triangular sail shape are heroically paraded around by strong young men dressed in happi coats. The sight of the float-pulling young men and the spectators all getting excited together is emblematic of summer in Uozu! Tatemon means a votive object that is offered in front of God to pray for a good catch at sea and safety at sea. They are paraded from the Uozu coast to the precincts of the Suwa Shrine. The sight of hundreds of beautiful lanterns lighting up the summer sky is truly impressive! The enthusiastic participation of everyone from Uozu, young and old, male and female, makes this a wonderful local festival.

  • The young men look like they are floating in space as they pull the Tatemons around

  • The sight of Uozu’s float-pullers joining forces is fantastic!

  • As well as the delicious stalls, you can also enjoy the fireworks over the sea

Tatemon Festival

Event date 2017/08/04~2017/08/05
Time First day/20:30-
2nd day/Fireworks 19:40- , Tatemon Festival 20:40-
Place Around the Suwa Shrine
Address 1-16 Suwamachi, Uozu, Toyama, 937-0056
TEL 0765-23-1025 (Uozu Commerce, Industry and Tourism Section)
Access 10 minutes by car from the Uozu Interchange on the Hokuriku Expressway
10 minutes walk from Uozu Station (Toyama Chiho Railway)
10 minutes by car from Uozu Station (JR Hokuriku Main Line)
Parking Specified car parks available
Official URL http://www.uozu-kanko.jp/?p=9
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