Tonami Fireworks Festival

If it’s summer, you’ve gotta have fireworks!

  • Flowering fireworks color the night sky over the Tonami Plain

Savoury smells from stalls waft over a dry riverbed, as adults and children gaze charmed at 2,000 fireworks exploding into flowers of light in the night sky above the sparsely populated Tonami Plain. Every year the festival area is packed with large numbers of spectators enraptured by the glittering summer sky. The Tonami Fireworks Festival attracts local urban and rural residents, as well as people returning to their home town. The display boasts the largest fireworks in the prefecture. Come and enjoy a typical summer festival with a grilled corn on the cob in your hand!

  • Lively atmosphere with lots of people each year

  • Forget about time as you gaze at the fireworks

Tonami Fireworks Festival

Event date 2016/08/15
Time 20:00-20:40
Place Shogawa River riverbed, Ota Bridge
TEL 076-491-8118 (Tonami Fireworks Festival Executive Committee (Toyama Shimbun))
Trading hours 20:00-20:40
Price Free
Access 15 minutes by car from the Tonami Interchange on the Hokuriku Expressway (via National Road No. 359)
30 minutes walk from Tonami Station (JR Johana Line)
Parking 1,000 cars
Cost of parking: Free
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