Kokiriko Festival

Let’s all have fun doing the Kokiriko dance!

  • A stirring and plaintive votive dance in the main hall of the Shirayama Shine

The sounds of a flute and drum echo round the elegant Shirayama Shrine. To the airs of plaintive melody, a graceful votive dance is performed. The entire Kaminashi district is thronged, with stalls lining the precincts of the shrine, a folk song stage erected in the Kokiriko Hall and lion dances being performed. For the last event, called a Mass Kokiriko Dance, the locals form a circle and all dance the Kokiriko. People who have come to view the spectacle are also allowed to join in the circle and dance along, playing the sasara (bamboo whisk).

  • The impressive Kokiriko stage

  • Tourists can also enjoy dancing in a circle

  • Enjoy the sound of the sasara close up

Kokiriko Festival

Event date 2019/09/25~2019/09/26
Time 12:00-
Place Shirayama Shrine, Kaminashi, Nanto
Address 654 Kaminashi, Nanto, Toyama, 939-1914
TEL 0763-66-2468 (Gokayama General Information Desk)
Price Available
Access 5 minutes by car from the Gokayama Interchange on the Tokai-Hokuriku Expressway
60 minutes by train from Takaoka Station (JR Hokuriku Main Line) to Johana Station (JR Johana Line), followed by 30 minutes by Kaetsuno Bus to Kaminashi
2 hours by Kaetsuno Bus from Takaoka Station (JR Hokuriku Main Line) to Kaminashi
Official URL http://www.kokiriko.com/event/kokiriko.html
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