Gokayama Yukiakari

World Heritage Site Gokayama Winter Illuminations

The World Heritage Site of Gokayama is lit up with decorative winter illuminations. Suganuma Village and Iwase Residence, the largest of the gassho-style houses, have a breathtaking beauty. While gazing at the picturesque landscape of illuminated gassho-style houses surrounded by snow, it is easy to find yourself briefly forgetting about the time. Suganuma Village features gourmet favourites including handmade soba (buckwheat noodles) and salt-grilled char, and Gokayama folk songs such as Kokiriko and Toichinsa will be showcased in Iwase Residence, allowing visitors to experience the charm of Gokayama with all five senses.

Gokayama Yukiakari

Event date 2020/01/25~2020/01/26
■at The Iwase Residence & Gyotokuji-Temple
January 28-29, 2017
■at The Gassho-zukuri Village of Suganuma, a World Heritage Site
February 4-5, 2017
Time From sunset time to 20:00
Official URL http://www.tabi-nanto.jp/en/events/shiki_no_gokayama_yukiakari.html
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*Please prepare boots or non-slip shoes, because the inside of the village is slippery.

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