Toyama best time to see Calendar

In Toyama, various seasonal sceneries have the best time to see.
Let’s thoroughly enjoy the sceneries only at the place at the time.

Mar. Apr. May June July Aug. Sept. Oct Nov. Dec. Jan. Feb.

Cherry blossoms
Futagamiyama Park (Takaoka city)
Asahiyama Park (Himi City)
akaoka Kojou Park (Takaoka City)
Gokayama (Nanto City)
Fugan Unga Kansui Park (Toyama City)
Matsu-kawa river (Toyama City)
Arimine, Tateyama, Whole are of Kurobedaira
Jyouren-ji temple, Nenko-ji temple(Nyuzen Town)

Tonami Tulip Fair (Tonami-shi)

Tonami Yume-no-Taira (Tonami-shi)

Autumn leaves

Yuki-no Otani walk
Syougawa Yuuransen

The best time for Cherry Blossom

With many kinds of wild cherry blossoms and the topography with the altitude difference, Toyama can enjoy cherry blossoms for a long term.
Starting from the blooming of Kinmame Cherry Tree in middle of March to Takane Cherry Tree in the end of June, Cherry Trees keep blooming in each place for approximately for four months.
Except August and September there is a spot that can see the cherry blossoms with the cherry trees that flower twice a year in the spring and the fall.

  • Futagamiyama Park (Takaoka city) Middle of March~early May
  • Asahiyama Park (Himi City): Early April ~ middle of April
  • Takaoka Kojou Park (Takaoka City): Early April ~ middle of April
  • Gokayama (Nanto City): End of April ~early May
  • Fugan Unga Kansui Park (Toyama City): Early April ~ middle of April
  • Matsu-kawa river (Toyama City): Early April
  • Arimine・Tateyama・Whole are of Kurobedaira: Early May ~ end of July
  • Jyouren-ji temple・Nenko-ji temple(Nyuzen Town)
    End of March ~ early April・End of October ~ early December

Indian movie "Work Like Fire Kumaru ” was filmed on location in Toyama!
Full cherry blossoms at Kurehayama Park and Gokayama Gassyoudukuri village in the background, an actress Hansika showed beautiful dancing.

The best time for Tulip

The bulb cultivation of the tulip is carried out flourishingly in Toyama, and Toyama is the top producer. “Tonami Tulip fair” is the big event and during the season, there are approximately 500 kinds and more than 1 million tulips decorate the event area colorfully.

  • Tonami Tulip Fair (Tonami-shi): End of April ~early May

The best time for Cosmos

In October, Tonami Yume-no-Taira Skiing ground turns into Cosmos field. Approximately 1 million cosmos blooms and color the slope into light pink color. It is the famous place of Hokuriku outstanding cosmos.

  • Tonami Yume-no-Taira (Tonami-shi): Early October to the last week of October

The best time for autumn colors

The autumn colors that trees with red and yellow leaves begin in the place of high altitude. In the end of September, autumn colors begin earliest in Honshu in the mountaineering club and gradually fall for approximately one and a half months and full bloom on the plains in the beginning of November.

  • Murodou: End of September~ early October
  • Daikanbou: End of September~ early October
  • Midagahara: Early October ~ middle of October
  • Kurobedaira: Early October ~ middle of October
  • Syoumyoudaki:Middle of October ~ the end of October
  • Kurobe-ko: Middle of October ~ the end of October
  • Kurobe-dam: Middle of October ~ end of October
  • Bijyo-daira: End of October ~ early November
  • Gokayama: End of October ~ early November
  • Kurobe-kyoukou: End of October ~ middle of November

The best time for Snow

Even on the flat area in Toyama, snow piles up on the ground from December to around March every year. From end of December to early February, there could be a season with big snow. The first day of snow in Toyama city usually starts from end of November to early December and more than 50 days are with snow in a year. Around the area of Tateyama Murodou, you can enjoy the snow from middle of April to July starting with the big snow wall of Yuki-no Otani.

  • Gokayama: End of December ~middle of April
  • Yuki-no Otani walk: Middle of April ~ middle of June
  • Syougawa Yuuransen: December to March
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