Takaoka Copperware

Takaoka city in Toyama prefecture is a copper-producing region with the highest copperware shipments and sales in all of Japan. The production of copperware in Takaoka began approximately 400 years ago when the town was formed and has progressed together with the town ever since. Copper is used to make large castings such as the Great Buddha of Takaoka, the town’s symbol, as well as vases and Buddhist altar articles. Copperware is the product of several processes, namely mold-forming, casting, finishing and coloring, and each of these processes requires the skill of veteran craftsmen. Beautifully-shaped copperware products are the result of all these processes combined.

Brass Wind Chimes

These wind chimes are made using Takaoka’s copperware-making techniques. Wind chimes are small bell-like objects which emit a sound using the power of the wind. This sound has a cooling effect and as such wind chimes have been a much-loved seasonal item since times of old. The clear, beautiful tone and sophisticated design of these wind chimes are filled with the simple, yet unmatchable skills of the craftsmen who make them.

Copper Coasters

These copper coasters feature a beautiful metallic texture. They are colored using the original coloring technology of Montam Factory/Orii. The beautiful metallic texture of these coasters compliments Japanese and Western-style rooms alike. The simplicity of their design gives them a sense of sophistication, sure to be just the thing for a special, high-class setting.


The “Mawarin” is a new, relaxation item which carries on the Takaoka copperware-making tradition. Applying the production techniques of Buddhist altar items, the Mawarin gently rocks back and forth, singing a soft, gentle song and refreshing tired souls. Choose from a total of 5 designs – a flower, bird, butterfly, leaf and bud.

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