Lacquerware refers to objects decorated with wood or paper covered in “lacquer”, a special finish made from tree resin. In English these items are also called “japan”. As this name suggests, lacquerware is a craft which represents Japan. Takaoka city in Toyama prefecture is the birthplace of the most premium lacquerware in Japan. Takaoka lacquerware has been designated as a national traditional craft and uses unique techniques such as mother-of-pearl inlaying, carving and yuusukenuri, which uses beautiful stones set in a ground of black lacquer. You will find exquisite lacquerware made with traditional techniques.

Raden Workmanship – Covers for iPhone 4 & 5

Raden, also known as “Japaning” refers to the decorating of lacquerware using finely ground shells. Generally, raden uses shells ground to a thickness of 0.3 mm, however the raden on Takaoka lacquerware uses shells with a thickness of 0.1 mm. This gives Takaoka lacquerware an extremely dainty and beautiful design. This technique has been used to make iPhone covers. These covers are beautifully crafted to appear a number of colors depending on how the sun shines on them.


This collection features raden decoration, Takaoka’s lacquerware tradition, on one side of a jeweled-broach. The broach shines a different dazzling color each time the angle is changed. You are bound to attract attention with this impressive fashion accessory pinned to your personage. Please choose from one of the four types available.

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