Fishing Industry Products

A truly diverse bounty of the sea can be found in Toyama Bay, which has earned the title of the “Natural Fish Hold”. This bounty is used to make a wide variety of fishing industry products. These products are an important part of the food culture for which Toyama is renown, allowing one to easily savor the delicious, authentic flavour of the ingredients themselves. Please first try some of the many products on offer. There are also many products which are long-lasting, making them ideal as souvenirs.

“Etchu Toyama – Sachi-no-Kowake”

“Etchu Toyama – Sachi-no-Kowake” is an assortment of small portions of products which represent the local Toyama communities that make them. The line-up consists of over 20 products including dried foods, sweets, broiled food, sake, salty foods and more, such as Shiroebi Sugata-hoshi (dried glass shrimp), “Hotaru-ika kunsei” (smoked firefly squid). The wide array of Toyama flavors are bound to bring a smile to the face of the person who receives them. Each type is available in a convenient, bite-size portion.


Toyama developed its own unique kamaboko culture thanks to the fresh bounty of the sea found in Toyama Bay and the skill of traditional craftsmen. The most famous of the kamaboko products on offer is “Konbu-maki Kamaboko” (konbu-wrapped kamaboko).This kamaboko offers a taste which hints at the flavors of local Toyama cuisine, as a place where the konbu food culture is strongly established. There is also a form of kamaboko made with sea bream, and this is often given as a gift in Toyama for special occasions or to say thanks.


“Ikakuro-zukuri” is a delicacy which has been enjoyed by Toyama people since ancient times. It is made by combining fresh squid with salt, squid intestine and squid ink. Squid ink is rich in flavorsome elements and these create an even more distinct flavor when combined with salt. Generally sagittated calamari is used however there is also “Hotaru-ikakuro-zukuri” which uses firefly squid known as the “Sacred One of Toyama Bay”.

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