Japanese Sake and Beer

Water is an essential ingredient which plays a key role in the brewing of sake. Toyama is blessed with an abundance of pristine, clear water, making it the perfect place for sake brewing. In addition, Toyama is also a fertile land ideal for growing rice, therefore the making of Japanese sake, for which the primary ingredient is rice, has flourished in many regions throughout the prefecture. The taste and flavor of the sake varies between sake breweries, so enjoy sampling and comparing a few before you find the one for you.

Local Toyama Sake
(Japanese Sake)

The Japanese sake produced in Toyama uses around 80% of rice ideal for sake-brewing, which is much higher than the 20% or so used on average in Japan. As such, Toyama produces brands highly regarded throughout Japan for their smooth, yet refreshing flavours. Partaking of this beautiful sake while dining on Toyama’s fresh fish will guarantee you a luxurious moment like no other.

Unazuki Beer

Unazuki Beer is made from the famous water of Kurobe River and Kurobe-produced two-rowed barley grown in Unazuki. This beer is produced using traditional techniques taught by master brewers invited to Japan from the land of beer itself – Germany. There are 3 types available – the sharp-tasting Jyujikyo, the fruity Torroco and the mellow Kamosika. By combining Torokko and Kamosika, 4 flavors can be enjoyed.

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