Asahi Funakawa Spring Quartet

A Spring Quartet of the Northern Alps, Rows of Cherry Trees, Tulips, and Nanohana Flowers

  • Tulips, Nanohana Flowers, Cherry Blossoms, and Mt. Asahi and Mt. Shirouma with Remaining Snow

Local farmers in the Funagawashin area plant nanohana flowers and early-flowering tulips every year to go with the cherry trees along the Funakawa River in Asahi Town in Toyama Prefecture. The rows of cherry trees, the tulips, the nanohana flowers and with the snowy peaks of the northern Alps inluding Mt. Shirouma and Mt. Asahi create a beautiful Spring Quartet.
The beautiful cherry blossom tunnel reflecting in the clear river is a sight to see, with over 280 trees carefully maintained by the locals lined up on both banks for 600 meters. Furthermore, fires are lit during certain days for a magical nighttime cherry blossom viewing experience. Come enjoy the cherry blossoms' different atmosphere during the day and in the evening.

Cherry Blossom Illumination Times: from 18:00 to 21:00

  • The Row of Cherry Trees in Twilight

Asahi Funakawa Spring Quartet

Address Funagawashin, Asahi Town, Shimoniikawa District, Toyama Prefecture
TEL 0765-83-2780 (Asahi Town Tourism Association)
Price Free
Access 15 minutes on the seasonal Spring Quartet Bus from Tomari Station
Right by the Asahi I.C. on the Hokuriku Expressway
Parking 150 spots paid parking
Official URL
Remarks 280 trees (Somei Yoshino) over 600 meters
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