Shomyo Falls

Magnificent must-see view!

  • Seeing a rainbow will bring you good luck

Tumbling 350 metres amidst a cloud of spray, the Shomyo Falls is Japan’s tallest waterfall. When the snow melts in spring, the Hannoki Falls flows beside it as a twin waterfall. Further increases in water volumes sometimes cause the Somen Waterfall to appear to the right of the Hannoki Falls, creating the extremely rare sight of three waterfalls flowing beside each other. Explanatory information is provided by models and videos in a rest area near the car park. A rest house is also at the back of the rest area. With its lingering snow in spring, lush summer greenery and beautiful autumn leaves, the Shomyo Falls can also be enjoyed for the seasonal variety of its natural scenery.

  • The autumn leaves season is very popular

  • Try some lavender ice cream on the way home

  • Learn about the Shomyo Falls at the rest area

Shomyo Falls

Address 11 Kokuyurin, Bunasakasoto, Ashikuraji, Tateyama-machi, Nakaniikawa-gun, Toyama
TEL 076-462-1001
Non-trading hours Closed during winter
Price Free
Access 15 minutes by Tateyama Kurobe Kankou (TKK) bus from Tateyama Station (Toyama Chiho Railway), followed by 30 minutes walk
50 minutes by car from the Tateyama Interchange on the Hokuriku Expressway, followed by 30 minutes walk
Parking 247 cars
Cost of parking:Free
Official URL
Remarks Sightseeing volunteers: Tateyama Rindo-kai (Tateyama Town Tourism Association)
Inquiries: Tateyama Town Tourism Association Tel: 076-462-1001
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