With its beautifully clear lake, Mikurigake is a symbol of Murodo

  • One of Murodo’s beautiful views

This landscape of a volcanic lake located at an altitude of 2,405m is typical of Murodo. Covered in snow until June, its beautiful deep blue water reflects Mount Tateyama between July and October. This is a magnificent sight that attracts a never-ending stream of tourists. Covering 30,000 square metres and with a circumference of 631m, this is the largest lake in Murodo. The lakeside creeping pines are home to thunderbirds, which you may be lucky enough to see. There is also a rich variety of Tateyama plant life around the lake, making it the ideal place for a nice relaxing walk.

  • Mikurigaike in the spring, still covered in snow

  • A beautiful sea of clouds seen from the lakeside

  • The mountains of the Northern Alps reflected in the lake


Address 11 Kokuyurin, Bunazakagai, Ashikuraji, Tateyama-cho, Nakaniikawa-gun, Toyama
TEL 076-462-9971 (Tateyama Town Office Industry & Tourism Division)
Non-trading hours During winter
Price Free
Access 10 minutes walk from the Murodo Terminal (Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route)
Parking None (Cars not allowed)
Tateyama Station car park 1,000 cars (Sometimes reduced to 500)
Cost of parking:Free
Official URL http://www.alpen-route.com/point/relax/relax06.html
Remarks Tourism volunteers Tateyama Rindo-kai (Tateyama Town Tourism Association)
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