Daikanbo Nature Park Campsite

A campsite where you can see both the mountains and the sea!

  • Overlooks the Toyama Plain and Toyama Bay

Located at an altitude of 325m, this campsite offers views of the Tateyama mountains range to the east and the Toyama Plain to the west. Based in a pine forest, this campsite is recommended for people who want the sort of authentic outdoors camping experience that you can’t find in a caravan park. You can also see lots of wild birds in this region that is a designated wildlife protection area with many mature trees growing.

  • Accessible via a narrow mountain road

  • Signposts guide your way

Daikanbo Nature Park Campsite

Address 32 Shidanio Taihei, Tateyama-machi, Nakaniikawa-gun, Toyama, 930-3221
TEL 076-462-9971
Non-trading hours Winter and spring (From the beginning of November to the end of April)
Access 20 minutes by car from Gohyakkyoku Station (Toyama Chihou Railway)
30 minutes by car from the Tateyama Interchange on the Hokuriku Expressway
Parking 20 cars
Cost of parking:Free
Remarks Sightseeing volunteers
Tateyama Rindo-kai (Tateyama Town Tourism Association)
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