Kurobe Lake Pleasure Boat

Take in the magnificent views on a pleasure cruise

  • Elegant cruising on an emerald green lake

The Garube is a Kurobe Lake pleasure boat that allows you to enjoy Kurobe’s glorious nature while gazing up at the looming Northern Alps. The Garube takes 30 minutes to sail around Kurobe Lake, which is located at an altitude of 1,448m. This makes it the pleasure boat operating at the highest altitude in Japan. This alpine cruise offering a clear view of the magnificent scenery of the Kurobe Gorge is very popular. You can also enjoy cool and comfortable cruising in the summer. Forget your daily cares and enjoy the natural views of Kurobe.

  • Enjoying the pleasant breeze!

  • All aboard!

Kurobe Lake Pleasure Boat

Address Ashikuraji, Tateyama-machi, Nakaniikawa-gun, Toyama
TEL 0261-22-0804 (Kuroyon Reservation Center)
Trading hours 9:00-15:00
*Sailing times subject to change depending on the season. Please check times beforehand.
Non-trading hours November 11th – May 31st
Price Adult ¥1,080, child ¥540
Access 25 minutes walk from Kurobe Dam Station (Kanden tunnel trolley bus)
Immediate walk from the Kurobeko Station (Kurobe Cablecar)
Parking Tateyama Station car park 900 cars (Sometimes reduced to 600)
Cost of parking:Free
Official URL http://www.kurobe-dam.com/kankou/mirutanoshimu13.html
Remarks Sightseeing volunteers:Tateyama Rindo-kai (Tateyama Town Tourism Association 076-462-1001)
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