Kurobe Gorge

Enjoy the spectacular nature from a trolley train!

  • Take a trolley train through some glorious nature!

This is a railway that offers a one-way nature trip for 1 hour and 20 minutes in a trolley train. Enjoy the seasonal variety of fresh greenery in spring, clear waters in summer and vivid leaves in autumn. Traverse nature through tunnels and across bridges. The journey reveals magnificent views, such as the 60m high arch bridge over the Kuronagi River, the hidden open-air bath of Kanetsuri hot spring and tinted autumnal leaves. On the way you can rest and eat at Kanetsuri Station and Keyakidaira Station, which both have restaurants and omiyage gift shops. Relax and enjoy the glorious nature of the Kurobe Gorge for a day.

  • Packed with magnificent views!

  • Charming trolley train cars

  • Like a real adventure trip

Kurobe Gorge

Address 11 Kurobekyokokuguchi, Kurobe, Toyama, 938-0293
TEL 0765-62-1011 (Sales Centre, Kurobe Gorge Railway)
Non-trading hours Closed December-April (Subject to amount of snowfall)
Price Adult Fare (One Way) / 570yen~1,710yen
Child Fare (One Way) / 290yen~860yen
*It depends on the destination.
Access Kurobe Gorge Railway platform at Unazuki Station (Toyama Chiho Railway)
Parking 350 cars (30 buses)
Cost of parking
Car ¥900, motorbike ¥400
minibus ¥1,700, bus ¥2,000
Official URL http://www.kurotetu.co.jp/en/
Remarks Barrier-free facilities: Wheelchair-friendly, wheelchair rental, ramps, guide dogs, assistance dogs
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