Shogawa Pleasure Boat

Enjoy the scenery from a pleasure boat

  • The pleasure boat proceeds elegantly up the green lake

This is a lake cruise that allows you to admire the scenery of each changing season. The seasons of fresh greenery and autumn leaves are particularly beautiful, creating enchanting landscapes for the pleasure boat passengers. Both body and mind will be healed by the beautiful views of the mountains during the gentle one-hour return trip from the Komaki Dam to the Omaki Spa in the Shogawa River valley. Shorter cruises are also available. Why don’t you try to enjoy a pleasure boat?

  • Cruising in nature is great fun!

  • Beautiful contrast between snow and the blue sky

  • The moored pleasure boat is a fine sight in itself

Shogawa Pleasure Boat

Address 73-5 Komaki, Shogawamachi, Nanto, Toyama, 932-0304
TEL 0763-82-0220 (Shogawayuransen, Co., Ltd.)
Trading hours Normal route
Summer and autumn: 8:30-17:05
Winter: 9:00-16:30
Spring: 9:00-17:05
Summer and autumn: 10:00-15:30
Winter: 10:30-15:00
Spring: 10:30-15:30
Non-trading hours Never
Price Normal cruise, return: Adults ¥2,800, children ¥1,400
Short cruise: Adults ¥1,000, children ¥500
Group discounts available
Access 70 minutes by bus from Takaoka Station (JR Hokuriku Main Line) to Komakientei
20 minutes by car from the Tonami Interchange on the Hokuriku Expressway (via National Road No. 156)
Parking 40 cars (2 large buses)
Cost of parking:Free
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