Charming Inami carvings and garden in the largest Buddhist temple in Hokuriku

  • The main gate of Zuisen-ji

Feel the history within the expansive precincts of Zuisen-ji and immerse yourself in its refined and elegant atmosphere. The temple has many interesting attractions, such as the Hondo hall (main hall), Sanmon gate (main gate), Hall of Treasures and its garden. Zuisen-ji is famous for its Inami carvings, the most eye-catching of which can be seen in the Taishido (Prince’s Hall). You will be amazed at the detailed and beautiful workmanship of our ancestors. Visitors are also charmed by the seasonally changing appearance of the garden and trees within the temple precincts. The transience of its beautiful cherry trees, wisteria and autumn leaves complements the permanence of the temple’s wooden structure. Please enjoy the history and atmosphere of the largest Buddhist temple in Hokuriku.

  • The wisteria trellis is best viewed in May

  • Lion Training Club carvings on both sides of the door

  • Superb engravings even on the signpost


Address 3050 Inami, Nanto, Toyama, 930-0211
TEL 0763-82-0004 (Zuisen-ji)
Trading hours 8:30-16:30
Non-trading hours Open every day (To be checked in advance)
Price Adult ¥500
Group (20 or more) Adult ¥450
Access 55 minutes by bus from Takaoka Station (JR Hokuriku Main Line)
15 minutes by car from the Tonami Interchange on the Hokuriku Expressway
Parking Public car park, 30 cars
Cost of parking:Free
Official URL https://inamibetuin-zuisen-ji.amebaownd.com/
Remarks Talk about the temple available to groups. (Prior contact required)
Volunteer guides: Inami Tourist Information Centre, Nanto Tourism Association, Tel: 0763-82-2539
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