Yokamachi Dori

A street filled with the atmosphere of cobble stones and lattice doors

This street is a symbol of Inami, the village in front of the 600 year old Zuizen-ji temple. Lined with workshops producing Inami woodcarvings (designated as national traditional craftwork), the cobbled street is full of visitors attracted by the smell of wood and the numerous carved products. It has even been selected as one of the Best Hundred Soundscapes of Japan because of the pleasant sound of wooden hammers ringing out from the workshops. Please visit Yokamachi Dori and savour a street filled with the atmosphere of bygone times.

■Private tour - Walk around the Japanese heritage city INAMI and learn traditional crafts form craftsmen at the workshop
*Comming soon by Toyama Tourism Organization

09:30 Dep. Toyama Sta. (Join with Taxi driver )

10:30~11:30 Visit Johana Hikiyama Festival Floats Museum (Join with Professional English guide )
↓ *Professional guide explain the manufacturing process of the woodcarver.

12:00~12:45 Lunch at“Matsuya”
13:00~14:00 Workshop: Carve a wooden glass at “Kurokamian”
↓ *Make use of the image contents (“Receptive Manual”)

14:00~15:30 Stroll at Yoka-machi street
↓ (*Professional guide shows craftsman workshop)

15:30~16:30 Visit the largest temple in Hokuriku-area Zuisen-ji (temple)
↓ (*Professional guide explain the woodcarver technique at Zuisen-ji)

17:30 Arr. Toyama Sta.

  • Even the telephone box is carved out of wood

  • Elaborate carving on a pillar

  • A woodcarver at work

Yokamachi Dori

Address Inami, Nanto, Toyama, 932-0211
Access 55 minutes by bus from Takaoka Station (Ainokaze Toyama Railway)
15 minutes by car from the Tonami Interchange on the Hokuriku Expressway
Parking Public car park 30 cars
Cost of parking: Free
Official URL http://www.tabi-nanto.jp/inami/machiaruki.html
Remarks You can also go on a Village of Woodcarving walk with an engraver through the townscape. The walk also takes in Zuisen-ji.
See the above website for more details.
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