Amaharashi Coast Quasi-national Park

Spellbinding beauty and splendour

  • The Tateyama mountains range rising above Toyama Bay

The majestic view of the Tateyama mountains range looming 3,000m above Toyama Bay changes with each season and is breathtakingly beautiful. This view was much loved by the Manyo poet Otomo No Yakamochi, who wrote many poems about it. The area stretching from the Amarashi coast to Matsudae-no-Nagahama in Himi has been designated as “One of Japan's Best 100 White-sand and Green-pine Beaches” and “One of Japan's Best 100 Beaches”. There still exists the Yoshitsune rock, where Minamoto no Yoshitsune waited for a shower to clear up on his way to Oshu. This is also where the name Amaharashi (lit. “rain clearing”) came from.

  • Mystical appearance changes throughout the day and with each season

  • Fine view in the beautiful morning sun

  • Tateyama mountains range and Onnaiwa

Amaharashi Coast Quasi-national Park

Address Ota, Takaoka, Toyama, 933-0134
TEL 0766-20-1547
Non-trading hours Free
Access 5 minutes walk from Amaharashi Station (JR Himi Line)
15 minutes by car from the Takaoka Interchange on the Noetsu Expressway
Parking 39 cars
Cost of parking: Free
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