Himi Banya-gai Harbour Market and Soyu Onsen Village

Food and omiyage gifts! Enjoy the appeal of Himi!

  • Himi Banya-gai

Prepare to be entertained by an area that is the centre of Himi’s tourism, food culture and industry. All sorts of local specialities, such as Toyama Bay sea products, Himi udon and Himi beef, await you here, where many events are also held. Soyu is a natural free-flowing hot spring that is refreshing in terms of both healing and health. Thanks to the unique topography of this area, you can also enjoy the magnificent view of the Tateyama mountains range beyond the sea. Experience the appeal of Himi to the full.

★The “Toyama Buri Kani Bus” tour route.
The bus brings you directly from JR Toyama Station to Himi.
*More information can be found in the URL below.

  • The relaxing Soyu hot spring

  • Open terrace under a blue sky

  • The popular Himi beefburger

Himi Banya-gai Harbour Market and Soyu Onsen Village

Address 25-5 Kitaomachi, Himi, Toyama, 935-0004
TEL 0766-72-3400 (Himi Machizukuri Co. Ltd)
Trading hours Fresh fish/merchandise facilities: 8:30-18:00, Food and beverage facilities: 11:00-19:00, Rotating sushi bar: 10:00-21:00
Eat-in corner: 8:30-19:00
Non-trading hours January 1st
Access 20 minutes from Himi Station (JR Himi Line)
8 minutes walk from the Himi Interchange on the Noetsu Expressway
Parking 232 cars (12 buses)
Cost of parking: Free
Official URL http://himi-banya.jp/
Remarks Soyu Onsen Village
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