Fugan Suijo Line

Enjoy a cruise along the Fugan Canal

  • Kansui (max. capacity: 55) is the most popular ship

The Fugan Suijo Line will not be operating from April 18th to May 31st to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The “Fugan Suijo Line” is a leisurely canal cruise which runs from Kansui Park through Nakajima Lock and all the way to the port town of Iwase. Enjoy touring the historic canal with its stunning scenery on this cruise which takes approximately one hour. You can experience a water elevator at Nakajima Lock, which is quite unusual in Japan. The onboard guide will tell you about the history of the canal as well as the scenery visible from the boat in great detail, making the trip extra enjoyable! The four ships in operation are Kansui, Fugan and Sora (each with a maximum capacity of 55 passengers), and Momiji (with a maximum capacity of 11 passengers.) We hope you will enjoy a relaxing boat trip with us!

  • In early April the cherry blossoms inside the park are in full bloom.

  • Sora (max. capacity: 55) and Momiji (max. capacity: 11)

  • You can experience the water elevator on both the Nakajima course as well as on the Iwase course

Fugan Suijo Line

TEL 076-482-4116 (9:00-17:00)
Trading hours Regular Schedule: from Sat. March 14st 2020 to Mon. November 23th
Winter Schedule: from Tue. November 24th to Sun. January 3rd 2021 (Full reservations are also possible)
Price Kansui Park to Nakajima Lock: ¥1,400 return (around 70 minutes)
Kansui Park to Iwase Canal Hall or the reverse: ¥1,700 one way (60-70 minutes, includes one-way light rail ticket)
Kansui Park Loop: \ 500 (around 20 minutes)
Access From the Toyama Station north exit:
<Kansui Park Terminal> 13 minute walk
<Iwase Canal Hall Terminal> 25-minute ride on the Toyama Light Rail. Approx. a 1-minute walk from Iwasehama Station.
Parking <Kansui Park> 171 spaces (9:00-22:00), free parking
<Kansui Park Parking Garage> 73 spots (from 8:00 to 22:30), free for park and art museum visitors
<Iwase Canal Hall> 70 spaces (including 1 disabled parking space and 3 spaces for buses), free parking
Official URL https://fugan-suijo-line.jp/en/
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