Miyazaki-Sakai Beach (Jade Beach)

After a refreshing swim in the ocean, try cod soup, the local specialty!

  • The long stretch of beach is a great place to relax

This beautiful pebble beach stretches 4 km from east to west. In the summer, it is a popular with young people and families as a place to swim. It gets the nickname "Jade Beach" from the jade stones which wash onto shore; after a day of strong waves, people can be seen enjoying themselves searching for fresh jade stones. From the steep mountains nearby to the coast colored by the sinking sun, the beautiful natural surroundings make this a favorite place for enjoying the sunset. Restaurants near the beach and lodgings serve cod soup, a local treat. Originally prepared for the area's fishermen, visitors simply must try the hearty, fresh cod soup during their stay. This spot is ideal not only for swimming, but also for walks along the beach.

  • The water is beautiful and hunting for jade stones is fun!

  • Cod soup can be found at the many restaurants along the shore

  • The cod is rich in flavor!

Miyazaki-Sakai Beach (Jade Beach)

Address Miyazaki and Sakai, Asahi, Shimoniikawa Distric, Toyama Prefecture 939-0703
TEL 0765-83-1100
Price Free
Access 1 minute walk from Etchū-Miyazaki Station (Ainokaze Toyama Railway)
20 minutes by car from the Asahi Interchange on the Hokuriku Expressway
Official URL http://www.town.asahi.toyama.jp/kankojouhou/shizen/1450750202757.html
Remarks Tourism volunteers: Asahi Guide Group (Miyazaki Coast Tourism Association, Tel: 0765-82-0768)
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