Discover another world above the clouds
– you won’t see a more awe-inspiring view than this!

Discover another world above the clouds, created by ranges of mountains 3,000m high. The Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route is one of the world’s best mountain sightseeing routes, with services such as cable cars, ropeways and trolley buses making it easy for you to get around. Each season brings a new and beautiful natural panorama, from the snowy valleys at the beginning of spring to alpine flowers in summer and colourful leaves in autumn.

Start by getting to Tateyama Station, the gateway to the Alpine Route!

Getting to the Alpine Route

Take the Tateyama Line of the Toyama Chiho Railroad from its Toyama Station (next to JR Toyama Station) to Tateyama Station, the gateway to the Alpine Route. The trip takes around 1 hour. If going by car, get off the Hokuriku Expressway at the Tateyama or Toyama Interchange and head toward Tateyama. Personal vehicles are prohibited on the Alpine Route, but parking is available at Tateyama Station. Tateyama Station is around 35-40 minutes from either interchange.

  1. Toyama Station
  2. Tateyama Station
  3. Bijodaira
  4. Midagahara
  5. Murodo
  6. Daikambo
  7. Kurobedaira
  8. Kurobeko
  9. Kurobedam
  10. Ogizawa
  11. Shinano-Omachi
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