The mysterious sea of Toyama Bay
Places to visit

Beautiful scenery

Amaharashi Coast Quasi-national Park

Designated as a site of national scenic beauty, the changing seasons bring fresh sights that will take your breath away.


Watch the sunrise from the site of Ao castle in Himi
The ruins of Ao castle lie on cliffs overlooking the sea; the view of the sun rising over the Tateyama Mountain Range is spectacular.
Shinminato Bridge
The largest cable-stayed bridge on the Japan Sea coast, Shinminato Bridge blends artfully with the landscape.

Ikuji Beach

From Ikuji Beach, you can see the entire bay, and even across to the Noto Peninsula on the other side. In the evening, you can see the large, orange sun sink into the water; this area has been listed in the top 100 sunsets of Japan, because of the way that the evening light colors Toyama Bay and the Japanese Alps.

Ikuji Beach
Miyazaki-Sakai Beach
This coast is also called Jade Beach because of the jade stones which regularly wash onto shore.

Water-filled landscapes put your mind at ease - Fun visits

Fugan Canal Line

Take a leisurely boat ride on this beautiful and historic canal. Trip is approximately 1 hour.

Uozu Aquarium
"From the mountain streams of the Japanese Alps to the depths of the Japan Sea" – experience it all in this fully-equipped aquarium.
Shinminato Marina (Kairyu Marine Park)
Enjoy marine sports such as cruising and fishing.
Ishida Fisherina Pier

A fishing spot so perfect it has appeared in films !

Kaiwo Maru Park
See the sailing ship Kaiwomaru in all of her majesty and enjoy the romantic atmosphere.
Asahi Hisui Coast RV Campground
Next to "Jade Beach", one of Japan's 100 most beautiful beaches!
Commemorating Toyama Bay's induction into the Most Beautiful Bays in the World, a monument featuring the club logo has been unveiled in Kaiwomaru Park. All of the materials used in making the monument were produced within the prefecture. The club's logo is made from Takaoka cast aluminum; the pedestal is made from stones taken from the Joganji River basin. The curved glass used in the body of the monument was also used in making the train cars of the Hokuriku Shinkansen.

The pine trees lining the shore of
the Koshi area date back to the Edo period

The long row of black pines which stretches along the white sands of the beach are a natural monument of the prefecture which have existed since the Edo period. With the awe-inspiring Tateyama Mountain Range in the background, this area has been listed as one of Japan’s 100 Best White Sand and Green Pine Beaches.

The pine trees lining the shore of
the Koshi area

Mouthwateringly fresh seafood - Eating & Shopping

Himi Banyagai Harbor Market
From Himi udon noodles to Himi beef, here you can choose from the many specialties available only in Himi.
Shinminato Kittokito Market
Wonderful sights and the season's fresh fish and shellfish!

Wave Park Namerikawa Rest Stop
Walk along the shore while eating some delicious soft-served ice cream.

Ocean Rest Stop
Enjoy the tastes of Uozu while checking out the mirage lookout point.
Fish Station Ikuji
All of the delicious fish that Kurobe has to offer in one place. Eat to your heart’s content!
Shinminato Road Station
The only place to eat the original white shrimp burger and fried white shrimp over rice!

Memories that will last a lifetime - Learning & Experiences

Shinminato's mid-day fish auctions
So fresh! Experience the lively shouts of the auction and check out the catch of the day
Shinminato sightseeing cruise
Spend some relaxing time taking in the atmosphere of the Uchikawa.
The Firefly Squid Museum
Learn about the mysterious firefly squid which light up the night sea like shining gems.
Namerikawa firefly squid tour
Leave before the break of dawn to experience the amazing phenomenon first hand.

The Uozu Buried Forest Museum
Learn about two of Toyama Bay’s biggest mysteries: the buried forest and mirages.

Japanese cedar in Sugisawa
This forest of Japanese cedar grow around an area of natural springs, which have been listed among Japan’s Top 100 spring waters.
Beautiful scenery Fun visits Eating & Shopping Learning & Experiences
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