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  • About the trolley train

    Originally used for construction to develop a power source, the train running through Japan’s deepest V-shaped gorge is now a pioneer in Japanese trolley train tourism, with a service running the entire 20.1km length of Kurobe Gorge (1 hour 20 minutes each way) from Unazuki on one side to Keyakidaira on the other. Winding its way through the breathtaking natural landscapes of the deep, rugged gorge, the Kurobe Gorge trolley train provides big marvels from a small train.

  • Features of the Carriages

    The standard carriages are open-air, providing a liberating feeling. Feel the wind on you and enjoy the amazing sensation of being one with the stunning natural scenery. There are also carriages with glassed windows for comfort on rainy or chilly days.

Views from the Windows

  • Yamabiko Bridge

    This bridge used to be part of the tracks for the trolley train. Its name means “mountain echo”, after the echoes of the trolley train that could be heard in the hot spring villages.

  • Lake Unazuki

    The sight of Kurobe Gorge reflected in the emerald green waters of this lake is truly stunning. A suspension bridge only for monkeys can be seen upstream from the lake – sometimes you can see a Japanese macaque or serow (a type of goat-antelope) crossing the bridge!

  • Atobiki Bridge

    A bridge across the most rugged valley of the gorge. Its name means “shrink back”, as people trekking in the mountains tended to be daunted by the valley’s depth.

  • Nezumigaeshi Rock Face

    A gigantic rock face as high as 220m in some areas. The name means “turning mice back”, as it is said to be so wild that even mice chased by cats could not climb it.

  • Dashiroppo Mountains

    Six mountains tower above you, seeming to jostle for position. The scenery on days with thin, wispy clouds has been compared to an ink wash painting.

  • Mt. Higashikanetsuri

    The name of this rocky mountain means “eastern hanging bell” for its beautiful bell shape. The 759m-high mountain is made entirely of limestone.

  • Kurobe Mannen-Yuki

    Japanese for “ten-thousand-year snow”, Kurobe Mannen-Yuki is a semi-permanent snow bank on Mt. Hyakkan, where the beautiful piles of snow resemble tiramisu. Enjoy the spectacular sight from the Mannen-Yuki Observation Point.

Things to Enjoy around Kanetsuri

Discover a secret world by the Kanetsuri Riverbed…and luxuriate in secluded hot springs!

For breathtaking views of the gorge, make sure you stop at Kanetsuri Riverbed, a 20-minute walk from Kanetsuri Station. Take in the sight of the gorge faces towering over you on either side, with snow remaining all through spring and into summer. The clear water of the stream remains cool even in summer, and there’s even a hot spring nearby. Strolling around the Kanetsuri Riverbed and to the open-air baths is possible until 4:00pm.

Things to Enjoy around Keyakidaira

Keyakidaira is the final station on the trolley train railway.

Walk through the area and you’ll feel a cool, fresh breeze even in summer. Alight at Keyakidaira Station and you’ll be awed by the magnificent sight of Mt. Okukane towering over you. Sarutobi Gorge, the narrowest point of the river through the Kurobe Gorge and a Special Scenic Spot and Special Natural Monument of Japan, offers particularly spectacular views. There are also walking tracks from here to Babadani – enjoy trekking or tours of secluded hot springs. The visitor centre by Keyakidaira Station provides all the information you could need on Kurobe Gorge. Naturalists work as permanent staff, providing information and help for walks in the Keyakidaira area. They’ll even take you on a guided tour, providing fascinating facts along the way.

  • Hitokui Rock: Approx. 10-minute walk from Keyakidaira Station
  • Sarutobi Gorge: Approx. 20 to 30-minute walk from Keyakidaira Station
  • Keyakidaira Visitor Centre: Approx. 1-minute walk from Keyakidaira Station
  • Foot Bath: Approx. 5-minute walk from Keyakidaira Station

Try out secluded hot springs that can only be accessed by trolley train!
The hot springs in this secret world will rejuvenate your body and soul.

Located off the beaten track in an area only accessible by trolley train, the numerous hot springs along Kurobe Gorge have a very different atmosphere to Unazuki Hot Springs. As you relax in one of these baths, you’ll feel a whole new connection with nature. Try out these remote hot springs – they’ll rejuvenate your body and soul!

Babadani Hot Springs

Enjoy indoor baths with free-flowing hot spring water and open-air baths with a mixture of hot spring water from the riverbed and fresh water from the river.
Approx. 50-minute walk from Keyakidaira Station

Babadani Hot Springs
Tel.0765-62-1038 (during season)
  • Kuronagi Hot Springs

    The oldest hot spring resort in Kurobe Gorge, Kuronagi Hot Springs has been a much-loved secluded hot spring for many years.
    Approx. 20-minute walk from Kuronagi Station

    Kuronagi Hot Spring Inn
  • Meiken Hot Springs

    Surrounded by steep mountains and overlooking a deep gorge, the open-air baths at this hot spring resort will make you feel like you’ve got the world all to yourself.
    Approx. 15-minute walk from Keyakidaira Station

    Meiken Hot Springs (Meiken Hot Springs Administrative Office)
  • Keyakidaira Hot Springs

    Located near Sarutobi Gorge, the open-air bath offers a breathtaking view of the gorge, surrounded by primeval forest. This hot spring has a captivating atmosphere that can only be experienced at a secluded hot spring surrounded by nature.
    Approx. 5-minute walk from Keyakidaira Station

    Sarutobi Sanso, Keyakidaira Hot Springs
    Tel.0765-62-1004 (during season)
    Tel.076-429-3836 (off season)
  • Kanetsuri Hot Springs

    There’s a free-flowing open-air bath right in the riverbed, providing a sense of liberation and a feeling that you are truly one with nature.
    Approx. 10-minute walk from Kanetsuri Station

    Kanetsuri Hot Spring Inn
    Tel.0765-65-0023 (off season)
    Approx. 5-minute walk from Kanetsuri Station
    Kanetsuri Miyama-so
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