Frequently Asked Questions

Trolley Train

Q1 During what period does the trolley train run?

A1 It runs from late April to November every year.

Q2 Please tell me about the tickets for the trolley train.

A2 You can purchase a ticket for the trolley train on the day without making a reservation, but reservations are recommended as there are maximum passenger numbers for all of the carriages.

Q3 How much is the fare for the trolley train?

A3 The fare depends on the destination and carriage. See the Kurobe Gorge Railway website for details.

Q4 Can I get off at an earlier station?

A4 Please note that if you purchase a ticket to Unazuki or Keyakidaira and get off at an earlier station, your ticket cannot be used again to complete the trip. If you want to get off at an earlier station, please purchase a one-way ticket to your destination from the station where you got off.

Q5 What is a good season to go?

A5 Spring, summer and autumn all offer plenty to see. In spring, the new greenery and remaining snow contrast beautifully with the Kurobe River, and you can see gorgeous spring flowers. In summer, the clear water in the Kurobe River is particularly beautiful, and the cool breeze feels wonderful when you sit in one of the open-air carriages. The leaves begin to change colour in October-November – check out scenic spots with beautiful autumn leaves or go trekking, then warm up in one of the secluded hot springs along the gorge. Each season shows Kurobe Gorge in a different, beautiful way.

Q6 What should I wear?

A6 Warm clothing is recommended no matter what the season, as the weather in the gorge is very changeable and some of the carriages of the trolley train are open-air. You’ll need shoes that are easy to walk in if you plan on stopping at one of the stations along the gorge for a stroll or a trek.

Q7 Is there anywhere to eat at any of the stations along the gorge?

A7 There are restaurants in Unazuki Station, the starting point, and at Keyakidaira Station, the final station. Enjoy Toyama specialties such as broad velvet shrimp kakiage-don (ingredients mixed in tempura batter, deep-fried and served on rice) and Toyama black ramen noodles.

Q8 Can I bathe in hot springs without staying the night?

A8 You can get off at the stations along the gorge and enjoy day bathing at various nearby hot spring facilities. Staying overnight is recommended if you want to go for a long walk or a trek.

Q9 Could you recommend some places to stay?

A9 Unazuki Hot Springs is a great place to take a stroll through the village, enjoy a delicious meal at your inn and choose from a range of souvenirs. Enjoy the warm hospitality of each inn and luxuriate in Japan’s clearest hot spring water. The secluded hot springs along the gorge are full of rustic charm and are a great place for trekkers and nature lovers. Try Kuronagi Hot Springs, an expansive resort with a water source that has been enjoyed for many years.

Unazuki Hot Springs

Q1 What is Unazuki Hot Springs like?

A1 Unazuki Hot Springs is a resort with a long history: it was opened when the Kurobe power source was developed in the Taisho Period (1912-1925). It has clear, colourless, alkaline, simple hot spring water that is gentle on the skin and is said to be the clearest water in Japan.

Q2 Can I bathe in the hot springs without staying the night?

A2 Most of the inns and bathing facilities at Unazuki Hot Springs allow day bathing. There are various plans available for you, such as bathing only or bathing plus lunch. Please inquire in advance, as hours vary for each inn and bathing facility.

Q3 What are some places to check out when going for a walk through Unazuki Hot Spring Village?

A3 The cobblestone streets of Unazuki Hot Spring Village are lined with souvenir shops, cafes, restaurants and more. Explore them wearing the yukata robe from your inn for an authentic experience. Stopping off at a foot bath may provide you with a great chance to get acquainted with the locals. There are also coupons you can use to receive special offers throughout Unazuki Hot Spring Village. The Unazuki Tabe-Aruki (“eating while you walk”) Coupon allows you to grab a snack at three of the village’s ten sweet shops and receive discounts at places such as Selene Museum of Art, and the Unazuki Horoyoi Hashigo (“tipsy restaurant-hopping”) Coupon allows you to receive drinks from two of the thirteen restaurant souvenir shops. Get even more out of your walk with these coupons!

Q4 Are there any places in the hot spring village where I can enjoy a meal or cup of tea?

A4 There are many restaurants in the village, where you can enjoy Kurobe’s famous Meisui pork, fish, soba noodles or kama-meshi (Japanese pilaf cooked in an iron pot). Also recommended are the cafes you’ll find along the way – stop for a rest and enjoy the charming atmosphere and specialty sweets. Some cafes are located right by a foot bath so you can enjoy both at once!

Q5 Are there any must-buy souvenirs at Unazuki Hot Springs?

A5 Delicious souvenirs include Unazuki’s 100% malt local beer, which has been selected for many awards, and Unazuki’s unique traditional Japanese confectionery and other sweets.

Q6 What are some beautiful seasonal sights?

A6 In spring, new greenery adds colour to the still-snowy gorge, and the snowy mountains create a backdrop that adds to the beauty of the cherry blossoms. Summer is packed with spectacular events such as the Etchu Owara Unazuki festival, where you can watch fireworks over the gorge and try owara dancing, an iconic Toyama dance. In autumn, Kurobe Gorge is resplendent in colourful leaves, and in winter the streets of the village are transformed into a silvery white world, with fireworks displays on the snow. Unazuki Hot Springs is much more than a hot spring village – there are all kinds of events that add colour to each season.

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